Factors That Affect The Cost Of Wood Fences

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Wood Fences

24 August 2022
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Installing a fence allows you to boost your curb appeal and secure your property. When choosing the ideal fencing material, many homeowners opt for wood fences. Apart from the length and height of your fence, other factors affect the cost of installing a wood fence. Read on to find out!

Location of the Fence

It is more expensive to install a fence in a rural area than in a suburban location. This is because the materials need to be transported farther away. Furthermore, materials costs vary depending on the region.

Additionally, if a fence is located in a hard-to-reach area, there will be added fees for obstruction. Some things that affect the ease of access include parked vehicles, overgrown trees, and narrow spaces. Trees may also have to be removed before the installation, which is an additional cost. 

The location's terrain also affects cost. For example, a significant root system, existing concrete, or rocky soil will slow down digging post holes. Consequently, this increases the cost of labor.

The Style of the Fence

There are different wood fence styles, and the one you choose will affect the price you will pay. Picket fences are the cheapest wood fences to install. However, the cost of a picket fence increases if you want custom gates, designs, or a fresh coat of paint.

A split-rail fence is also the same price as a picket fence. The cost of this wood fence may increase because of the number of rails and pest-resistant treatments. Privacy wood fences are expensive because they are taller and require more wood planks than picket fences.

The Type of Wood

Wood fence installation will also vary depending on your choice of materials. Some types of wood are better at withstanding the elements than others. Make sure you research the species of wood and how much maintenance is required.

Hardwoods like redwood and tropical wood are the most expensive. Redwood should be treated regularly for water resistance. The high price of this wood is because of its beautiful stains. Tropical hardwoods are durable and don't need much maintenance.

Western red cedar is an average option with a strong resistance to insects and mold. Other moderately priced woods are white oak and black locust. Pine is the most affordable on this list. 

In Closing

Before installing a wood fence, make sure you measure the area around your compound. Fence installers charge per foot. Also, make sure you research if there is any permit required. Overall, there are numerous factors affecting the cost of a wood fence installation; therefore, familiarize yourself with them.